The SIRT1 Gene

Hello everyone. This is my first blog do bare with the beginner please. First a little about me. I have been a diabetic, type 1, for 36 years. When I was much younger and indestructible, I cared little to take better care of myself. Now life is all about finding the right stuff to not fix but to resist the effects of my youthful indiscretions. Shall we get on with it? I recently read an article about a human gene called SIRT1. Why is this one important? Scientific research has shown it is responsible for how your body uses insulin and helps control metabolism. Yes a cure!! Not so fast. SIRT1 is a gene not a bone or tissue to be cut out and fixed. Gene therapy has not been high on the list as a diabetic cure. Most of what I’ve read and heard is stem cell research oriented. There’s a problem with that. I call it putting on a band aid after cutting off your foot. Using stem cells to replace beta cells, which make insulin by the way, is not worth the paper its written on if you have a bad SIRT1 gene and your body’s immune system is targeting the beta cells. You’ll be replacing them for the rest of your life. I would not do it. The gene needs to be fixed before I’d ever think of replacing the beta cells. Where is Star Trek when you need them? Dr. McCoy can you give me a pill to fix this? What does everyone else think? Please I welcome the comments.

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