The Balance

Ever tries to balance a see saw when you we are a kid? Maybe some you reading this are kids still. The thing is you had to match the weights on the end of the beam to get it to balance. Those of you who have been a diabetic for while will already know it is more than a simple two way balance. There is a complex three way balance in diabetic control that a lot of people don’t understand, The two best known components are food (carbs to be specific) and insulin. Usually the first thing someone asks when I get a low blood sugar is “Did you forget to eat?” or next is “Did you accidentally take too much insulin?”. This is were I love this new pump, it remembers everything. OK first, I don’t take insulin unless I am sitting at the table ready to eat so no I didn’t forget to eat after taking the insulin. Second, here is the recorded amount of insulin I took and no there are not any mistakes. I have noticed over the, oh only 36 years of being a diabetic, that my body is very sensitive to the exercise level it gets each day and week. If I increase my level to just 30 minutes a day I will find my insulin need will drop, how much depends on the intensity of the exercise. I used to work out a lot but have cut back since I had to let my YMCA membership go. The formula for a good steady diabetic plan is not how much food, insulin, and exercise you do but the proper balance of it all. If you increase or decrease any one part you must balance it in one of the other areas. If I want to loose weight I can cut back on the food (best method by the way) or I can increase my exercise level. Either way I will now have to balance this by decreasing the insulin I take. This first step is not really that hard since I count carbs anyway and the insulin  I use is dependent on the amount of carbs I eat each meal. My supper ratio is 1 unit for every 5grams of carbs so a meal with 60 grams is 60 divided by 5 which is 12 units. I eat more I take more, I eat less I take less. Confused yet? It’s about to get worse. Once I’ve lost some weight the basal insulin will have to be cut back. Love this pump! As I loose fat it will allow the insulin to work more efficiently and I will need less between meals. More later folks!

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