Food is more than just carbs

Another interesting issue in diabetic care is the right foods in the right quantities. It more than just eating non-sugar foods folks. Just kidding. You have no idea how often I meet someone for the first time and as soon as they find out I’m a diabetic and they say “Oh so you can’t have any sugar?” Wow. What century are you from? No human diabetic or not can live without sugar. It’s controlling how much that is the key. The true fact of life is that sugar is what gives a person energy to get around during the day. Here’s a little twist in our plot. Glycemic index. This can throw a monkey wrench into the works with blood sugar control. Low glycemic index foods are fast in and fast out. Higher index foods are slower to get into the blood stream so it takes longer for it get where it needs to be. Way back when it was explained to me as simple sugar (Fruits and juices). complex sugar and starches (Breads and pasta), and then on the far end Protein (Meats and some nuts). It was explained that your body needs simples sugar to turn into energy. So your body has to digest complex sugars and starches into simple sugars before they can be used hence the delay in getting into the blood. The protein on the far end is even harder to convert. How can a steak be turned into a simple sugar like am apple? Well I’m not a scientist but chalk that up to the miracle of the human body’s digestive system. I do know from previous research when lifting weights that carbs are absorbed better for about 30 minutes after a workout as your body is trying to replace the energy it has just burned off. Proteins on the other hand are better absorbed up to 90 minutes after the workout. See a pattern yet? I never cared about glycemic index until I started using this pump. I can see the difference in my blood sugar after eating pasta or a protein heavy meal. Stop and look at the index of the food you are eating. There are apps for smart phones for this and many web sites dealing with glycemic index. Type it in to Google or Bing and find out more about this. It can help fix a few problems you been having. Later people. Live long and prosper. Oh crap my Trekkie is now out there.

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