I can not wait until Obamacare kicks in next year. Diabetic care is expensive very expensive. Each month just the medication I need for proper care is astronomical. I have been given company programs to cut out of pocket expenses but it is still a lot of money. Let’s add this up. With the discount just the insulin is $42-$43 every 8 days roughly which comes out to about $129-$179 for the insulin. Once I am out of the reservoirs and infusion sets those I am told will be about $170 a month. Pump payments will be about $131 a month once I can afford to make them. Putting all that together brings the monthly total to $430 a month on the low side. This is just the medication and pump supplies / cost. Without the discount the insulin jumps to $112 per bottle or $336-$448 per month. Wow. Figure that cost out. I applied for a second insurance policy but was denied. I’m sure it was because of my medical history. Torn cartilage in the shoulder, hyper extended knee, and last but not least cysts on my neck that required two separate surgeries, years apart, to remove. Yes medical mess here. Once the Affordable Care Act kicks in I will be able to either get a policy that has co-pays for medication or get one through my employer. The other upgrade is Dr. visits. Right now they pay $70 of a $167 Dr. bill. I miss the $20 co-pays and later $50 co-pays for visits. I make too much money to get any assistance from the government. I just don’t see how a person can live off $11, 490 a year. Wow. I must be doing something wrong if at $23,000 a year I am finding it really hard to make ends meet. I know it is a huge controversy with the Affordable Care Act but I still think having everyone covered with some form of insurance is a very good thing. Cost will start going down once everyone gets used to no one having to go to the ER and get free care because they lack insurance for a real Dr. visit. OK so much for this week Anyone have a comment? Haven’t heard from anyone yet.

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