Workman’s Comp

This is another repost of a previous blog about workman’s comp issue for people. Now workman’s comp is different for each state. I live in Nebraska so that’s the one I’m working with. I have had more than one issue with workman’s comp coverage in the workplace for diabetic issues. As you can guess, they are mostly from having low sugars with trips to ER or sometimes just an ambulance visit. Here in Nebraska the it does not matter that an episode at work is related to our diabetes, it is still covered under workman’s comp. As long as it happens at work while performing regular work duties it is considered covered by workman’s comp. Here’s a quote off the  Nebraska DHHS website about when an employee is covered by workman’s comp: “the injury was caused by an accident or disease that arose out of and in the course of his or her employment” ( There are other conditions that need to be met but are much easier to meet. Another one which is key for a diabetic or other disabled person is the doctor request issue. If the ambulance is called or you are required to go to the ER by the employer, then the employer becomes responsible for the bill. Here is another quote for the Nebraska DHHS website: “An employer/insurer may request that a disabled employee submit to a medical examination by a doctor of its choice at the company’s expense.” ( In regular English this means that if they ask you, or require you, to see a Doctor then it becomes their responsibility. In past situations my employers have lived up to their obligations when I’ve been sent to the ER or the ambulance has been called. So read up on your local workman’s comp statutes and laws. Know what your rights and obligations are so you can keep them in check. Until next time take care everyone!


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