The Team

This is a term I had not heard until recently. A diabetic team. The doctors (both specialist and family), the nurses, the lab tech, and the diabetic company reps. I include them since they have been very helpful to me so far in getting adjusted to this new pump. They have knowledge of how things work, including how to fix problems with the devices, and tips on how to hide the pump under clothes to protect the tubing and such. All these people work together the provide the best care they can. My personal experience has been very difficult. The first week I had several lows and had the ambulance at the house more than once. The doctor and nurse were great in working with me. I was downloading the pump everyday and they were making changes everyday to fix the ongoing issues. I had more than one person ask why I wasn’t contacting the doctor about all this. I was. It was already in place w\how we were going to handle this. I want people to know, I do not blame my doctor or any of her staff for these issues. I am just an odd person medically. My body adjusted faster than most people’s. That is what I have been told. At this point it is down to once a week that I download so the doctor can get the changes made that I need. I was told that daily changes are not the best way to do the adjustments but there was little choice for me. It was explained that you have to show a repetitive pattern to warrant a change. Everyone has ups and downs on a daily basis, up one day and down the next. Me key advice to anyone is to find a doctor you trust. If you can’t trust them you shouldn’t put see them. Also listen to what they have to say. I have learned so much by just asking a few questions and listening to what I’m told. How long each insulin lasts in the body or how exercise effects blood sugar levels. Hey did you know if you exercise your body dumps adrenalin which will increase your blood sugar immediately after a workout. Unless I feel it low I wait for about 1/2 an hour after to check sugar levels. I’ll say it again, listen when you talk to your doctor. You can learn so much. Until next time.

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