Cure or Bandaid?

I read an article this morning and just had to look it up and see what the hubbub was all about. Dr. Douglas Melton from Harvard University has found a hormone that can force the body to replicate beta cells (the body’s insulin factories) on it’s own. Fantastic!! I’m still not sure though if this is the “cure” I would be looking for, no offense. I don’t wish to sound ungrateful to anyone who is looking for a way to help us diabetics live a more normal life. I just still see this as putting the cart in front of the horse again as the gene that is allowing my body’s immune system destroy those cells is still in place and working just as good as it back when I was eight. It is a pipe dream for now but gene therapy might be the way to fix it for good. I had shoulder surgery many years ago and had this conversation with the doctor that had tried everything and was now looking at steroid shots to fix the soreness and inflammation in the shoulder. Now to those who don’t know yet, a steroid shot in a joint is guarantied to sent your blood sugar through the roof not for a day, but for a few days, so I have been  told. If it is ever given as an option for you, think long and hard about it first. I have to laugh since it was the same doctor who was having the steroid shot conversation with me at the time that has told me about not wanting to do the steroid shots and why. I  had done my research on line and found that the steroid shots did not fix anything but only reduced swelling and inflammation so your own body could do its repairs. Scope surgery was the only way to know for sure what was causing the problem and fix it, well according to the University of California Berkley back in the day. Wow, did I just date myself!? He passed me off to the doctor in the office who was the scope specialist, I had my second MRI done in less than 3 years, and had the surgery. Afterward he said it took less than 3 seconds for him to find the issue. 3 years and thousands of dollars out of my own pocket because torn cartilage does not show up on x-rays, CAT scans, or MRIs. It wasn’t just a small dime sized piece, this was 1/3 of the cartilage collar around the joint. OK back to the point, you can spend years and many thousands of dollar fixing the effects of a problem or you can bite the bullet and spend a few months plus another few thousand dollars to fix the cause. Keep this in mind next time you hear the word cure. Is it really a cure for the cause or is it simply a better band aid to put on the effect? Dr. Melton, keep digging into the issue Your hormone to replace beta cells is absolutely needed. It might not stop our immunes systems but it may reduce or eliminate our need for insulin. Thanks to you and all the other researchers who are looking to cure an ever increasing problem in the world.

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