New concept

I ran into a new concept. I have received a request for a doctors statement as to if I have diabetes and how bad. That’s an abbreviated sum of the request. OK I can believe the needing to verify the information but how bad is it? I’ve never seen a “better” case of diabetes. Be it type 1 or type 2, it is all bad and should as far as I can see fall under ADA protection. I was told that part of the changes made in the ADA protocols was that it did not matter how controlled your disease is, it was still considered a disability. My problem now is getting the information from my doctor. I have not been able to pay her any money so far. I was off, without pay, for two weeks in April and this time is going on 7 weeks this time and I don’t have any saving or stock options or other secret sources of income so money is tight. I can’t ask a  doctor who has already given me more help than I thought was necessary for even more help. It wasn’t her fault I have had a really bad time with this transition. It is just a fact of nature. Regardless, I have cut back my blood testing to the absolute minimum of 3 times a day (should be about 8-10 times a day) and thanks to the company making Apidra insulin to making it much cheaper for the next few months. It boils down to this, I have no money to afford a doctors appointment for the report/ letter I need to complete the form. I also need to contact a lawyer about a workman comp issue. I really can’t afford that cost. I can understand that the people needing the forms have to know this information but I am having a tough time getting it to them because I can’t afford to have it done. Unfortunately I have not been able to find a new job in over a year and it is getting very frustrating. I’ll get them what they want. I just hope it is in time to get it in so we can continue with this process. P.S. I’ll more than likely finish this from my truck. I am now 2 months behind on my house payments so Mr. Banker will come looking for the keys very soon. I wish more people were aware of all the issue diabetics have to deal with just to stay alive. Later folks.


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