Preparing for a new job

One of the challenges of being a diabetic is to be able to adjust to changes in life on the fly. I’ve got one coming up very soon, read that tomorrow. I will be starting a new job and will need to make changes to my pump. Can’t you just change the settings before you start? I can hear that comment being made by eager beaver home grown experts in diabetic therapies. OK my question is this, how do you change the settings? You will be working harder and longer than before so you need to lower your insulin, right? Not so fast. You can not possibly know how hard you will be working not to mention your daily activities will change even after they get set. Unless you have been trained top know how much insulin to drop to keep you steady.. That’s not to say I have no control over this. For 9 weeks I have been growing roots on the couch, well more than normal at least, so going back to work will be quite the change in life style. Of yeah it’s also on 3 rd. shift at night. It was the shift that really messed me up at a former job. The pump is a diabetics best friend as long as you know your body and understand the pump. What is most likely to happen is a temporary basal setting. Maybe 50% of normal to keep me from having to eat a bag of skittles every two hours. lol Until you know how your activity is going to change and how your body is going to react, you should not be making any permanent changes. Of course eating will also change so there will added compensation for that. Remember it is a three way balancing act to control diabetes. My last comment is an apology to anyone who follows these posts. Things got a little out of hand the last couple weeks with a home project as well as Mom ending up in the hospital and now in a nursing home for a while.


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