Diabetic Heal thyself

Every time I go to the doctor I hear the comment “We need to be careful so you don’t get an infection.” and my favorite “Diabetics heal slower so it will take more time for you to recover.” Malarkey. Here is the short version of things I’ve battled so far in life as a healing challenged diabetic. I have a piercing that was infected once, almost killed me. Years later the doctor that sent me to the hospital told me he didn’t think I was going to survive that one and to not do that again. Wait a minute folks, give me chance to stop laughing so hard. Yes it is back in and healed well for, wow, maybe 8 or 9 years now. Ah the shoulder problem. OK don’t judge me, I think it was dislocated while working on a car. None of the massive pain they claim happens, appeared that day. The pain the following day however made up for it and then some. It popped back in on its own right after it popped out and since I wasn’t crying for morphine I thought it was just another car repair boo boo. After fighting a nagging pain for the better part of 3 1/2 years I told them no steroids, which by the way will jack your blood sugar to the moon for days they told me, and made them go in with a scope. They wanted to any way since they found a bone spur on the bottom of the shoulder bone that was slowly tearing my rotator cuff up. 15% at time of surgery they said. When I woke up after the surgery I had several issues. First the anesthesiologist, decided since I was a diabetic, that I should have my air way protected as long as possible. Bad idea. Very bad idea. I saw the Xray they had taken that showed my one lung half full of fluid that I must have thought needed top go back in after gagging on the tube and expelling it. He should have asked first. I would have told it that was a disaster in the making. OK back to the real issue, the doctor told me it took him less than 3 seconds to see I had ripped the front 1/3 of the cartilage off the socket. Funny that two MRIs and several x-rays, and one CAT scan didn’t show any damage that sounded so extensive. That is when I said I must have dislocated it the day back in the dark ages. The point to all this? The infection from the piercing, gone with a little help from a really good antibiotic. Sounds like the diabetic thing is true but I am covered in at least 2-3 cuts, scratches, or other skin penetrating wounds daily and not a thing wrong. OK,  I am right now knocking on my head for good luck. Wood is good right? The shoulder, I was laid up for 2 months after they reattached the cartilage and was back to lifting 20 lbs. dumbbells by the time they cleared me for 5. I know my body and what it tells me about quitting time, most times I just choose to ignore it. I don’t see any hindrance to my healing ability. I do know though having said this that there are a lot of things that affect the healing process. High blood sugar will have bad things to do for your healing times. Circulation to me is a critical piece of that pie. If you can’t get the proteins and immune cells to the cut or wound, then you can’t heal well. Eating well is number two on that list. If your not putting the right building material in the machine then the result is not going to be good, think of building with mud instead of concrete. Milk for bones and meat for skin and muscles, unless you are a vegetarian. Each time I have had a problem and the diabetic heals slower comes up I have had a fix it card up my sleeve. I have for many years loved to lift weights. Lots of them and hard core intensity. It paid off. Shoulder was only 2 months instead of 6 they told at first. Piercing infection was only, what, less than a week. A bite I got, yes from another human, got infected at work and I was only out for 2 days. Almost lost my arm before they figured out the infection was not a normal one and needed a special antibiotics, yes again, more than one was needed. I don’t feel so bad about that mark on my record then. Bottom line to all diabetics out there is workout, eat right, and quit putting steel ring in places they weren’t originally. OK the last one is from the doctor but still, it does have merit. If I hadn’t been in a I can do whatever a “normal” person can do it would not have been an issue. Later folks.

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