Looking forward to CGMing it

A conversation with an advisor for Medtronics got me thinking. Now that I will have a really good insurance through my new employer, I will need to take advantage of the CGM technology that is a side bar with the pump. In plain language, the CGM, continuous glucose monitoring, allows you and your doctor to keep a 24 hour a day 7 day a week record of what your blood sugar is doing. The best part is it does this every 5 minutes so although not meant to replace a separate meter, it will give a better indication of any rhythms with your blood sugar. They had me on one before I started using the pump to get a good picture of my daily peaks and valleys. Exact words were something like “you have a very clear and distinctive pattern. Highs come in about 6 or 7 in the morning and then plummets around 2 or 3 in the afternoon. There are some other reasons I am looking forward to the CGM system. The most important is getting a CDL. Without the monitor I the doctor can not sign off on a medical card for a CDL. I don’t blame her. Do the length of time I have spent as diabetic, brittle diabetic no less (I hate that term “brittle” feels like I’m made of glass), I have a problem with sensitivity to lows now. With the sensors, it will see a low coming from a mile away and alert me like a phone ringer. If you set it higher say 80-85, I can check it long before it gets anywhere near 70. I’ve had lows in the low 20s more than once in my life and hope to never see them again. I hate the highs too but I tolerate them better since it is not a oh crap he in another low and won’t eat for us. It’s not for everyone though. The cost of the system is not necessary if you can feel the lows coming and they are not a major problem for you. It’s something you should talk to your doctor about. My last insurance wouldn’t even cover the cost of a glucagon kit for low blood sugars. Even the doctor couldn’t believe they wouldn’t cover it. As far as the CGM, they wouldn’t bite on that one. Think about it and discuss it with your doctor on your next visit.


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