Blood sugars and Strsss

This last week I learned what stress is really all about. My sister and I had to decide if my mother would get another surgery to clean wounds on her thighs. This would have been the third time they got into this. She had been suffering for over two months with severe pain in her thighs. So bad at times she was in tears just from sitting. In the end they asked my sister and I if we wanted to them to go in again, (mom was hallucinating at this point seeing her cane float in mid air and water coming out of ceiling) we decided she been through enough pain and suffering. They moved her back to the nursing home here close to us so we could be with her in the end. On top of this was starting my new job which was in a city 35 miles away. There was also an incident at work where a coworker became very upset with me after I made a mistake and caused him a lot of grief. The confrontation made a lot of other people uncomfortable but I was the sole target of his anger. It was intense but short lived. I am used to such confrontations from a previous job, ok several previous jobs. I have read 3 different articles on stress and its effect on blood sugars. It is not good. High stress tends to raise blood sugars after meals and high stress situations. The first article at by P Wiesli listed a research project in which they created stress for diabetics and recorded the difference between the ones who were taught stress reduction and those not so privileged. The ones who could reduce the stress had lower blood sugars. All three articles brought out another interesting fact, there is more than just the one stress there are several kinds. Short term and long term stresses are the same in effects and causes but simply differ in length of time you have them. Short term is like having to take a test. Long term is like my latest, caring for a terminally ill family member. It was not as long as some but it still lasted more than just a day or two. Think of this, the study they did only used 15 minutes of stress to create the blood sugar rise so what is the effect spread out over weeks or maybe months? For me exercise seems to be my best friend in stress fighting. I have always felt much better after a hard intense work out. I do have to add that if you read one of my other blogs, weight lifting is one of the ways to combat insulin resistance. People always seem to hate the idea of classical music. I was not a fan, still am not, but I can not fault its calming effect on me. There are other musical genre that can duplicate this but I still can’t get over the classical issue. I do not care for it but it still works for me. My blood sugars the last few weeks have been in the upper 200s up to nearly 600 at times. I was too busy with my new job and issues at home to take better care of my self. That’s on me. Mom’s death and the stress of if there was enough money to pay for everything is on life itself. Face it, you can’t get away from it so you just need to learn to deal with it. One of the other two articles (which are and gave a good example, one woman gets in a long line a the supermarket and slowly get angry that she is stuck in the line and just simmers and builds. Another woman in the same line simply grabs the nearest sleazy tabloid and catches up on the Hollywood gossip. Who do you think has the lowest blood sugar going home?

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