The Ominous Snowball Effect

Why the Ominous Snowball Effect? It fits perfectly with todays current medical culture.  The last few weeks I have been seeing a few doctors over a lump on my hand. . I asked to see about getting the warts removed. I have had a wart on my other hand for decades. It was problematic at times annoying at others. The newest wart I found out was not really a wart. It was something called a granuloma. I was told t is when a foreign body is encapsulated by your body  to prevent it from causing too much damage over time. I looked it up on line and found it can be caused by bone fragments, glass, even such things as starch and talc can cause these nodules.

Here where it goes off the rails. My family doctor didn’t want to do it in his office. Don’t know how deep you’ll have to cut and I have a history of big infections. I’ll give him that one. He sent me to a local surgeon. The possible causes of the inflammation? He and I discussed this issue. He said it could be a thorn or sliver of steel. I was leaning toward the later. I work with steel all the time at work and I have said before I don’t feel pain like a normal person. I remember getting a splinter in that area but thought I had dug it out. Well I guess I was wrong.

OK on to the next phase of operation dig out (what else would you call it?) I went to see the surgeon and she said she was not familiar with hands and asked her two fellow surgeons about this issue. One was ready to take it on. So another appointment was set up. We are now about two weeks plus into this after making the first appointment and nothing has been done yet. Thank goodness it does not hurt much, only when I scrape it against something or smack it really hard.

Three weeks in and I see the doctor who has finally agreed to take this out, off, remove it, however you what to say it. His nurse asks me something I had not thought of yet. “Have you had x-rays of this area done?” Why no I haven’t. This was the first time anyone had asked. The result? There was a piece of steel in it. Not surprising. The surprising part was with three two dimensional images of the sliver they can’t tell for sure where it is. But now I will be able to get this thing gone. A shot of lidocaine and an antibiotic and we can finish this. Nope. I was set up with another appointment with the surgical department at the local hospital (which is where the surgeons office is.

Anyone see the snowball effect here? I just wanted to have the doctor do a quick simple removal of a small mass under the skin and now I was set to go under the knife in a surgical suite. Wow from simple to very complex surgical procedure. I’m betting the insurance company is beside themselves wishing it had gone the way I had planned.

First time I have heard of a bier (pronounced beer) block. They used a jacked up blood pressure cuff to stop the blood flow in the arm and injected lidocaine into the arm. It went completely numb. I could still move the fingers but there was no feeling what so ever. In just a few minutes the doctor was done. It must have been closer to 30 or so minutes but I was so tired from working the night before I had a hard time staying awake.

Here’s another down side to this. I was told I have the signs of sleep apnea. My mother had this and I have seen how uncomfortable and costly this treatment is. Do I or don’t get this checked out? I’m on the not side right now. I will never be able to get a CDL license even if I get my diabetes under control. It will be used against me in some unseen way later.

My little snowball has grown into a mountain of a snow boulder.

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