Never Be Afraid of Life

This topic strikes close to home. I have been told by more than one person I have lived a dangerous life. I was a prison guard for a few years, worked with developmentally handicapped people for many years (some very violent behaviors involved), mental hospital (again violent behaviors abound), and other jobs that had a higher than average danger factor.

Whe I was younger I thought with the way I lived my life I would not live past 40. I am now 47 and still kicking. That means I am 7 years past my expiration date. What else do I have to fear?

I have had very few of the many issues a diabetic can develope. I have had retinopothy and a few bad infections that spiraled way out of control (mostly from me pushing the limit). Doing things that diabetics are not supposed to do have led to few of these issues but not as many as one would think.

The biggest one is the piercing. I ended up doing that one myself as most piercers would not allow a diabetic to walk into their shop and get one. A friend had one done before me and it got infected, well so did my first one. Tehcnically it was my second, the first was placed wrong so I had to remove it, let it heal, and then redo it. Ain’t no way I am telling you where. Your imagination will have to roam on that one.

Second time around it was fine the first week or so then it went very wrong. The infection was so bad years later my doctor told me he was surprised I lived through it. It had gone systemic and was in my blood. After several rounds of high powered antibiotics and lots of intense care I managed to recover. The doctor made me promise to never repeat this again. “OK” came out of my mouth.

Well a few months after I had healed up guess what I did? Again. Learn from your mistakes is  my motto. I found out after doing a little better research that anti bacterial hand soap is not what you need for this procedure. Surgical soap kills everything from bacteria to fungus and most of the known species of each of them. I still have it and never had any problems from it after that.My friend got one again also, well two of them and after I let her in on the secret of care she had no infection issue either.

Working night shift for the last 2 years has made me realize how inportnat sleep is. When I manage to get more than 3 hours I feel so much more rested. Friday is a marathon of 28 hours of being up. Hey things need to get done and that is the only day I can fit it all in. I do get naps in the morning when trying to watch the news but not much. “You need to get more sleep. You’ll crash and kills yourself.” Heard that more than once. Did I mention I am years beyound my expiration date?

I have never let the fact I am a diabetic hold me back from trying something I wanted to do, not just the piercing but in life itself. Worked in a prison, not for the faint of heart. Used to climb trees like I had one of those long monkey tails. The tree behind the house was good for getting a good 30 plus feet off the ground. Used to jump off the roof of the house to the ground, a good 10 feet or so.

Don’t let someone else tell you how to live your life because you are a diabetic. Even the doctors can be wrong. Mine has learned to just get out of the way and help pick up the pieces if it goes wrong. Telling me I can’t is like teasing me with a carrot on a stick. A friend of mine (the one with two piercings) had a quote on her Facebook page I loved. It had a picture of Richard Gear and says “None of us are getting out of here alive so please stop traeating your self like an afterthought.” It a good point no matter who says it. We will all die sometime its just the when that is unknown. I am going out on my terms doing what I want ot do. I’m not goint o hide behind the curtain of fear that this may kill me years down the road. I could fall walking out my front door later today and jab a branch through my eye into my brain killing me instantly. Some morron texting behind the wheel could kill me on the way to work tonight.  Eating that 3 scambled egg batch isn’t. Eating bacon isn’t. Being overwieght isn’t.

Live life like it is your last day it just might be.

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