Feelings nothing more than feelings…

I saw the Twitter posts a few weeks ago about the emotional aspect of being a diabetic. A lot of people don’t think of that part of being a diabetic. The comments that make you feel less than human or the having to give up certain things to make live easier in the long run. Just simple things that are made harder due to diabetes.

Take the simple task of getting breakfast in the morning, you don’t just grab a box of cereal, pour, eat and go. You stop and measure out a cup (or two), add the milk, and sit at the table. Now there is the finger poke (forearm poke) to check blood sugar and then measuring out the right insulin dose and doing the injection. A little more complicated isn’t it.

All day long a diabetic is counting carbs and watching how much exercise they do. Wait you didn’t think about that issue? I have a real hard time with one. My job I used to do was really bad about changing how hard I worked a lot. I was a material handler which is much different than a fork truck driver. You don’t just sit on the truck and ride around all shift. You get off and move 1000 or 1500 pounds of steel from one pallet to another. No not all at once maybe only 50 pounds at a time but still the effort is still the same, it’s just spread out over a longer time frame. That drives my metabolism up and blood sugar down. Time to eat again.

The comments people make both hurt and annoy. It rub my feathers the wrong way when someone gives me a piece of cake or candy then makes a comment such as “Oh I’m sorry your a diabetic. You can’t have that can you.” They say it not as a question but as a conformation that I am different than them and not as capable. Hey folks I can eat the same things you can in the modern world. Diabetics need sugar in their diet just like every other human on earth. They just need to control the amounts. Things have changed a lot in last few years. Floating scale insulin rates, carb counting, and newer better faster more stable insulins have revolutionized diabetic care.

I have never stayed in the traditional diabetic role in life. I have done many things that are not considered good or wise for diabetics to do. I am fat. My BMI is morbidly obese but I do  not look like it, yet. I have always been heavy for my size, more muscle less fat. I have never liked aerobic exercise but love weight lifting. It leads to having lots of denser than fat muscle on me. Weight lifting also leads to longer metabolism spikes than aerobic exercise. Years ago I looked into it  and aerobic exercise raises your metabolism for about 90 minutes and to a higher degree than weight lifting. However weight lifting will boost your metabolism for around 36 to 48 hours while the muscle tissue tears down and rebuilds. I’m sold. I have a body piercing that did not start off well but came around finally. It nearly cost me my life to get this thing so don’t count on it ever going away. And no it was not because I was a diabetic but because I made the same mistake a lot of first time piercing people make, I used the wrong soap to clean while it was new.

There are days where all this is too much and I say to hell with it and go off the rails. The next day after unwinding a little I am back in the good fight battling carb counts, blood sugar checks, and exercise amounts.t

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