The Quality of Life Question

This is a question usually reserved for terminally ill patients but I feel it is very much relevant for other issues as well. For years I have been told you need to cut back on carbs, you need to watch out for cuts and scrapes, you need to not do this or to do that to life a long life. At what cost does this toeing of the line come?

I talked before on my doctor and I not seeing eye to eye about the cholesterol meds. Yes they may prevent a heart attack or stroke but at the same time they increase the risk of liver failure. I don’t care about the statistics of which one is more likely since the statistics are never correct. Everything boils down to a 50 / 50 chance, you will or you won’t get it. People who do everything they are supposed can still die of a heart attack. Running miles each day,  eating right, and seeing a doctor have made no difference for some people while helping others. To put this simply its all a crap shoot, you roll the dice and see what comes out on them.

I quit looking at how to live longer and instead looked at making life better a long time ago. Will I live to be 90, not likely even with following the diabetic bible word for word. Instead I have gotten a piercing (I can hear the doctor gasping in terror now), I don’t follow the directions on dealing with low blood sugars, and I also don’t eat like a diabetic, at all.

Why do you ask? It is quite simple. I am no longer afraid of dying. I have had more than just a couple instances of almost dying and it has led me to no longer fearing this event. Car accidents, major life threatening infections, and other medical problems have made me rethink my life’s course. I am not going out skydiving or running with the bulls but I choose to live each day like there are no more to be had.

Take the low blood fix I have come to use, I have tried the normal glucose tabs before but when I need to use them I end up using the entire bottle to fix one event. Each tab is 3 grams and it takes anywhere from 30 to 50 grams to fix one of my lows. It was almost 6 years ago I found a great alternative. Reese’s Peanut Butter cups are 11 grams of carbs each cup so it is ease to tailor the dose to the need. If it is not really low I just grab a pack of two out of the machine and down them. Here’s the awesome part. It takes about 2 minutes to walk back to my machine and within about 5 minutes the chocolate on the cup is already raising the sugar level. The best part is the great diversity of the peanut butter. I say it is the protein but the PA tells me it is most likely the fats that keep it up for a much longer time than say a hard candy sucker or Jolly Ranchers. Ever been told by a diabetic specialist to use crackers and peanut butter to fix a low? Now try and tell them you replaced the cracker with a covering of chocolate and watch the change in attitude. I do have to say this, my current doctor is not the one who originally told me to use peanut butter and crackers so her office’s lack of enthusiasm is not a surprise I guess.

It is a common business practice to say that quality comes before quantity so why not make it a life policy as well. I can sit at home and stay off the streets (and sidewalks for that matter) but how good would that life really be? Live 90 years as a shut in or live 50 years of life at its fullest, that is the question.

How does everyone else feel about this? Am I a lone tree in the forest or does someone else feel the same? lol I have found over the years that I am not so normal as I once thought. So I’d love to hear form others on how they feel about quality over quantity.

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