Book on the Way

I am sorry for the lack of activity on this blog. Been working on a book with more details and insights into my life as a diabetic from day one 39 years ago. Its been on the back burner for more than 4 years now with one whole complete write already. There are so many stories to sort through and get on paper it is unreal.

Just a heads up about this upcoming book, it is absolutely not a how to book on being a diabetic. My doctors have finally come around to realizing an important fact about me. I am not normal. Things that work one way for a normal people do not come out the same for me and that is one of the reasons I decided to write this book. Who decided what is normal? Everyone is different and I found out long ago that just because standard teachings or guidlines tell you to do or not to do somehing, it does not mean you should follow them.

Over the years I have been known to not follow typical diabetic do and don’ts. Piercings, medicine doses, doctor’s orders, and well there is no other way to put it, common sense.  I don’t mean not taking insulin or something stupid like that.More like common sense says listen to the trained doctors and nurses about how to control blood sugars. Watching and learning myself has been my life style for years.

A new insulin I have been placed on is a good example. It is a long acting insulin that is supposedd to stay active for over 24 hours. There are now at least two that I have heard of. I was started at 24 units each day and noting much changed. I could still feel the lows coming on and I still had the highs.

What I found by paying more attention, was that once it dropped, I tended to over correct and send it though the roof. It was a rollercoaster ride, up and down, up and down. Next doctor visit I asked about dropping it but I was told I showed to many highs. I started to check more aften and got a CGM to monitor my sugars more consistantly so I could show them what was going on. It kind of worked. They dropped it to down to 18 over a few months but I still felt the lows.

With the CGM, I now had a graph of the ups and downs which showed when as well as how far it was dropping and rising. It was a well defined pattern. The doctor was still reluctant to drop it even more. That’s not normal. Hello? Isn’t that what I have been telling you since day one? I pulled my chair next to her’s and showed her the pattern. I eat and it goes up. It goes up high but as soon as it tops out it drops. Not just for the 3 hours the quick acting insulin is still working but even after 4 or 5 hours. The old insulin is out of the system by then right?

She agreed and dropped it down to 12. As of about a month ago, I dropped it myself down to 4 on work days and 8 on non work days. Why would you drop it without talking to the doc first? Another good story here, I have tried several times to get my blood sugar readings to them but it never seems to work. Now I have in place a system but I get the “we need more data” answer from them a lot. More data? I need a change to be made not more waiting. I won’t say they have gotten used to it but they have a little more faith in me making a good decision.

Point is they would not have made the changes that needed to be made if I had not pushed the issue or simply made the choice by looking at my own data. Mistakes can be made doing this but if you don’t take a risk, nothing will change. You will still have a high or a  low unless you make a change somewhere.

This book I am writing is all about things like this. Decisions I have made about my care both with and without a doctors consent. Trust me there are lots of them. I hope to be able to finish this book soon so I will keep those of you interested in the loop on  the release date. Most likely Amazon will be the publisher of choice since they are one of the easiest to get your own book out there. Wish me luck and I’ll see you all later.


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