The Book is Done

I have finally finished my book and am now moving on to marketing and promoting it. Here’s the brief synapsis of the book. From beginning to now it is a group of stories of me growing up as a diabetic and the daily life challenges I have faced. It also covers some of the less normal issues I have had to face in life.

My daily routines are talked about as well as changes and how they can really mess me up. Sometimes changes are good and then others will not be. I harp on the issue that no one knows what is really good for you but you. A doctor can give you a new med or treatment plan but does it actually work for you? Does it make life easier or better? Over the last 40 years some of these have made life better but for every one that has been good it seems at least 2 have made little positive change or have gone the other way.

I talk about the real cost of being a diabetic. It is not all just money for medication or doctors. I have ben turned away from many jobs due to my illness. Military, truck driving, and others that I can not say with certainty that it was being a diabetic that caused me to be overlooked but that nagging notion in the back of my head that says you just got screwed. It also includes the time a diabetic has to spend dealing with it every day. Just a minute here and a minute there adds up to quite a bit of time in the end.

I have not followed the diabetic bible as far as what I should and should not be doing. I probably never will. I hate the idea of letting myself be stuck into a preconceived nook in the world and left there to waste away. I eat things that are not supposed to be good for me and done things that are considered dangerous for diabetics. Not all have worked out the best but I have at least tried them and survived.

At this time in my life I have little fear of dying. Why? I have been so close on so many occasions, I feel I have met death and shook his hand at this point. Growing up and hearing all the possible horrors of how I would die if I did not follow the diabetic bible, I never thought I would live past 40. I am currently 8 years past my self imposed expiration date and still going strong.

I have fewer problems than other diabetics I have met or read about so I feel good about this reckless air of pushing back against the world. I have lived a life not by their standards but mine and all is well. I have some eye issues and recently found out I am not even considered normal for a diabetic.

I talk about how this disease has helped mold me into the driven person I am today. I work hard and take my licks like a “normal” person. I absolutely hate being seen as a weak sickly person and fight hard to keep from being seen as such. Broken bones have rarely even slowed me down and since pain is my near constant companion, we have a special relationship. We just don’t talk to each other very often.

I hope once I get the copyright and get it published that you will read it and if nothing else have a good laugh at some of my less than finer moments in life. Again this is not a “how to” book. It is a collection of some of my life stories with my opinions that have formed since this all began. I hope those that read will enjoy.

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