It Gets Old

40 years I have beena diabetic and 40 years I’ve heard almost every excuse as to why I am a diabetic (almost never the right one) or things I should or shouldn’t do. They are not all bad people, most are simply not educated about diabetes. That being a result of not be close to someone who has it. Very few understand that there is more than one type of diabetes. That also leads to misunderstanding the reasons given on TV and in articles about this disease.

First and foremeost, eating wrong and not exercising does not “give” or lead to type 1 diabetes. It can hasten or lead to type 2 diabetes. Type 1 diabetes is when your body’s own immune system turns on the beta cells (islets of Langerhans) which are what produce insulin in the body. By the way, humans are not the only animlas in the world who can get diabetes. After they are gone, you can’t make your own insulin and must daily give yourself injections to stop ketones from building up in your blood, which will kill you. To put this as plainly as possible, no insulin no live.

Growing up I did not eat the best but it was far from the worst diet in history and it was pretty much the same as everyone else in our house. Chips Ahoy cookies may be the real sticky point as I loved them and consumed them often. I exercised regularly riding my bike all over this town, climbing trees, and running all over the place. Lack of exercise was not my problem. I was only the second person on mom’s side to come down with it but I was the first type 1. Most doctors consider it a genetic disease as it is inherited and pasted down from parents to children. Everyone of my mom’s side of the family had it before they pasted away.

As far as people making comments about what they think of my treatment or lack thereof, I ultimately don’t care but do not get mad if I don’t bow to your will and do it. I have had 40 years of experimenting to find what does and does not work for me. If you are a fellow diabetic and give me advice, again, please do not feel slighted that I disagree and/or do not follow your advice. If it is something new I may try it but there is no guarante it will work for me. I am not you. Everyone is an individual and MUST be treated that way.

My last doctor and I had issues with that. To me it felt like she was trying to fix my problems, which she admitted were not  normal, with standard treatments. How would a standard treatment fix a non-standard problem? It never made sense to me and it never will. If the problem is not normal, you think outside box, don’t stop at the wall of normal.

I guess what my point for all this is, that I make my decisions. Right or wrong, good or bad, they are mine. You are not living with this disease, I am. I will live with my blood sugar being high and shortening my life cycle. I will live with taking shots or lving with a pump. I will decide what is too low for me to function and when I need to correct the deficiencies. 240? No I’l leave that one alone. 85? Oh hell yes, I’m fixing that. But that isn’t low you say in the back of your mind. For me it is. I can feel my mental senses start to slow down at that point. I can’t concentrate as hard or think as fast below 90. You would never know it while talking to me unless you know me very well. The sarcastic comments I normally make are just not there. Its like I’m becoming a different person. I can, most of the time, see or sense it coming so I can prevent it. Just let me do it on my own thank you. My life, my way.


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