Fixing the Health System

I don’t have all the answers and I have never claimed to. I do have an opinion like everyone else on the subject. Facebook and Twitter have been on fire (at least in my world) with stories about diabetics going without insulin because they can’t afford the nearly $1,000 a month for insulin or their insurance company is constantly changing who and how much they must pay. Why isn’t aspirin spiraling out of hand like many other life saving drugs? Because it is not needed to stay alive. It can be not taken and not lose your life. If it gets too expensive, you stop taking it so they keep the prices low enough you will still want it.

Insulin and other drugs are not that easy to replace. Whoops, that was an incorrect statement. You can’t replace them. There are many drugs for seizures, heart problems, and the list goes on that people need to keep living. I’ve called us the “captive audience” before and will continue to do so until I am cured. I can’t just get up and leave the show (my life with insulin) because I will die.

Here’s my fix/opinion on how it can be improved. First, get rid of lobbyists. A person who is paid by a company to pander their policies and products to politicians should not be allowed to do so. If drug companies were not allowed to spend million of dollars to woo senators or representatives to pass laws that favor them over the common people maybe they would not need to charge so much to cover “research”. Laws that prevent us from ordering these life saving drugs from other countries where they are many times cheaper were lobbied for by these companies.

Second, repeal that anti-mail order law. If I could get drugs from Canada or Mexico (the reason they sought the law) they would either need to drop their prices to stay competitive or go out of business. One of the major reason touted for said law was to maintain high standards for these drugs. Recent tests have shown that the meds on pharmacies shelves today don’t always reach those standards anyway, despite having to pay nearly 6 times the price.

Third, start a national universal health care system like a huge chunk of the rest of the world has. There are always pro and cons for these systems and when set up here it will need to be tweaked and modified to work as well as it can. There is no perfect fix and there never will be. One of the biggest complaints of the system is “I don’t want to pay for someone else’s drugs or care”. I agree whole heartedly. What ever tax they set up to fund this system, make it apply to everyone. Rich or poor, young or old, and everywhere in-between. If you are on disability you get that tax taken out of your monthly check. If you are on welfare, social security, or get checks for your kids it would apply there as well. I said across the board and I meant it.

I know a lot of people may agree with some but not all these ideas/opinions but here’s my challenge to them. Come up with a better one. Like I said at the start, I don’t know all the answers but if enough people get together and work on it they can put one together that is fair and most certainly works better than our current system. I can hear the “Whiner!” and “Just shut up!” comment coming even before I post this. The problem is if you are telling me to shut up or call me a whiner then you must think the system works ok now. Does it?


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